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The measure of intelligence is the ability to change, Albert Einstein

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    Bryce Cee

The journey through boot camp has been interesting and has enabled me to grow in terms of both my skills and knowledge. Anyone who is part of the boot camp so far had to adapt to something new they had not been doing previously. Personally, I haven’t ever done a project on my own. With the timelines given for submitting results being too short for me, I have heard to adapt over the last two weeks.

I have faced various challenges in the past two weeks. One of them is having to work on something totally new to me within a short period of time. This proved a bit to difficult at first. Another challenge was getting to learn and implement new things altogether within a short period of time. Someone would wonder how I adapted to the short timelines. Being required to produce quality work over a short period of time with good quantity wasn’t one of my strengths prior to attending boot camp. I must say, spending a few hours of sleep and more hours of being productive and being able to be comfortable under pressure has been the major take away for my journey so far through the boot camp.

Being able to produce the best that I could, came at a price. I had to rethink my bedtime and also rise up early to save time. This was a bit hard at first but anyone would get the hang of it depending on whether you are flexible and able to adapt. The whole process had me being a bit overwhelmed. It doesn’t stop there. Feedback is an integral part of growth. Receiving feedback from someone wasn’t something that happened to me on a daily basis, but in the past two weeks, I have had to adapt to receiving feedback and constantly asking for more. This has enabled my growth to be faster than what I anticipated.

Project management is another challenge I have had to overcome within the past two weeks. At first, it was overwhelming but I got to overcome the fear of working in a team in terms of creating a project. In the second week, I was able to assert that I was able to comfortably work in a team and use version control in the proper way when we were given a team project to work on. This was also given a short amount of time.

The agile concept was also something new to me and proved a bit of a challenge. I was able to adapt to the methodology by learning and using the resources I had available to better my understanding of the concept. I am confident that at the moment I can relatively work in an agile team and perform well as expected. I would say it has been a great experience so far. Consuming a lot of information and being able to use it appropriately was another challenge I have faced in the past two weeks. At first, I was almost giving up. Knowing new concepts was a daily thing and we were expected to produce quality work. I got to adapt to consuming overwhelming information in terms of learning python and still implementing the same in a nice way. In summary, what I have had to adapt has made me a better person, I do anticipate to learn and adapt to new changes intended at making me and EPIC person.