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Getting better at anything

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    Bryce Cee
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Learning is part of growth

Learning is part of growth

It all starts with the desire to learn and be good at what you learn. Recently I decided to try joining Andela which at first didn’t work out but that didn’t stop me from leveling up and trying again, this time I got the chance to get to the boot camp stage. It wasn’t a walk in the park so to speak.

My knowledge of the Python programming language was what anyone would call rudimentary. Prior to my applications, I had not had any experience with the language. It doesn’t stop at confessing that it was hard for me at first, but here’s the secret, be YOU!

Everyone has a desire to do something they like, use it the zeal to achieve your goal. On my end, I had to learn a whole new programming language, the idea of believing that you are a learner and that you’re constantly growing is key.

Getting better at coding is simple.

Different concepts were thrown my way, from Test Driven Development (TDD) to Version Control which was all fairly new to me. Learning these concepts was a challenging task. Managing to get to know some of them at a basic level was an achievement on my part. Comfort zones are the worst. Don’t stay in such a state. After getting to know a little bit of python, I dived into Flask — a microframework for Python. This is where it got pretty interesting.

The whole process involved the basic idea of growing and learning. Growing from something I wasn’t able to do, to a place of achieving and still working to achieve more each day.